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  • Established to help those who are searching for missing family members, the site contains stories of the separation and transfer of East Timorese children and their parents.


  • Australian Support for Victims of Historic Crimes in Timor-Leste and Related Matters. Submission to 2013 Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into Australia’s Relationship with Timor-Leste.  For pdf go to Mr Pat Walsh, La’o Hamutuk.
  • CAVR archives
    Post-CAVR Technical Secretariat, ex Balide Comarca (Prison), Rua Balide, Dili.
  • Clearing House for Archival Records on Timor (CHART)
    Melbourne, Australia. Website: Email:

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  • Balibo
    2009. 111 minutes. Directed by Robert Connolly.
    Australian made political thriller, starring Anthony Lapaglia and Oscar Isaac, that tells the story of the 5 Australian based journalists murdered at Balibo on the West Timor border during the first stage of the Indonesian invasion.
  • Bloodshot: the Dreams and Nightmares of East Timor
    90 mins. Director by Peter A Gordon. Widerview Productions
    Documentary on East Timor’s independence struggle featuring Xanana Gusmao, Kirsty Sword, Max Stahl and others.
  • Beatriz’s War
    East Timor’s Historic First Feature Film. More information..
  • Dalan ba Dame (Road to Peace)
    CAVR, Dili, 2009.75 mins. Tetum, sub-titled in Portuguese, Indonesian, English. Includes teacher notes.
    Tells the story of East Timor from Portuguese times to liberation in 1999 drawing on historic footage and personal testimonies to CAVR.
  • East Timor: Birth of a Nation
    Film Australia, 2002. Director: Luigi Acquisto.
    Two one-hour documentaries. Episode One: Rosa’s Story. About a young Timorese widow who rebuilds her family’s life in Dili after she retrieved three of her children from orphanages. Episode Two: Lu’Olo’s Story. About the transition of Francisco Lu’Olo Guterres, now President of Fretilin, from guerrilla warfare to politician.
  • Peluncuran diskusi Chega!
    2010. Perpustakaan Nasional, Jakarta
    Hasil rekaman dari peluncuran dan diskusi buku Chega! yang dilaksanakan oleh KPG dan PCAVR, 7 Oktober 2010 di Jakarta. Peserta: Usman Hamid (Kontras), Benny K Harman (Ketua Komisi III DPR), Hilmar Farid (Sejarawan).